i. TSA Armed Security Officer for Private Aircraft

After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Washington National Airport (DCA) developed a security plan which allows 48 flights per day leaving from “gateway airports” to arrive. Each of these flights must have an Armed Security Officer (ASO) on board.

ASOs are specially trained law enforcement officers, authorized by the TSA to be onboard each flight arriving or departing from DCA. Special Response Corporation Security Personnel have the ability apply for and serve customers as an ASO for private aircraft needs.
ii. Cross Border Protection

Special Response Corporation’s security personnel have the capability to provide Cross Border Protection, when necessary, for our clients. Our goal in this type of situation is to provide a safe and secure form of transportation across borders, such as the U.S. and Mexico border.

Our security personnel will remain aware and up to date on the security situation as well as any immigration information necessary. Being flexible in an ever changing environment is crucial in Cross Border Protection.

Duties including, pick-up, transportation, obtaining necessary immigration documents for both sides of the border, and facilitating contact with both law enforcements, are the responsibilities to be carried out by the Special Response personnel.

Every member of the Special Response Team on such an assignment will be fully trained in and aware of emergency procedures, code of conduct, driver security training, security practices and, vehicle maintenance. They will also maintain the appropriate international insurance and appropriate licenses.
iii. More Services

Along with previously mentioned services, Special Response Corporation also has the knowledge, experience, and capability to meet our clients’ needs with the following services:
Security Studies and Audits
Risk Assessments
Vehicle Patrol Services
Undercover Officers
Special Events Management and Security
Metal Detection and Screening Services
Waterfront Security (TWIC Certified Security Personnel)
Special Response Teams
K-9 Explosive and or drug detection teams
Private Military Contractors
Protective Service Detail (PSD) Security
TSCM Sweeps (de-bugging)

As well as Consulting Services including the following:
Risk Assessments & Security Surveys
Business Continuity Planning
Risk Management
Global Security Program Development & Support Services