i. Protect Plan ™/Security Survey/Vulnerability Assessment

Special Response Corporation is a nationally recognized leader in security consulting and vulnerability assessments. Our experts provide innovative solutions to achieve your individual operational goals.

Our survey identifies your security needs and gives you an emergency action plan that addresses the areas of concern that may occur in a crisis. Assessments are completed by top-level security professionals, able to evaluate security systems and countermeasures in any situation.

The assessment provides recommendations for improvements and revised procedures. Our security specialists have the knowledge of current technologies and the solid experience necessary to design:
Perimeter protection
Access control
Video surveillance
Intrusion detection
Counter-terrorism and threat mitigation systems

Our data and telecommunications designers provide infrastructure design and equipment specifications for:
Data distribution
ii. Penetration Testing—Physical Security

During Special Response Corporation’s initial Security Survey and Vulnerability Assessment, we place extreme importance on the Physical Security of your location. We will evaluate any possible weak areas of security on the site and make recommendations as to the best plan to further secure these places.

Likely targets can include back entrances used by employees on break which are less likely to be watched, windows that are not secured, and interior doors not guarded or monitored on video. Inside the building, items left unsecured such as computers, documents, and mobile devices, can leave valuable and confidential information available for Social Engineering.

Another security threat is the possibility of “tailgating attacks” in which an intruder, or unauthorized person, may follow directly behind an employee through a secured door, making his way past the security system and into protected areas of the building. To prevent such attacks, it is important to make all authorized personnel aware of this possibility, and to encourage them to not allow anyone to follow them into the property in such a manner or without proper identification.

Other measures can be taken if a more heightened threat is present, such as the presence of security personnel at all entryways checking for identification and authorization to enter the premises. Special Response Corporation will take all of these matters into consideration when completing the Security Survey and Vulnerability Assessment.

“Penetration Testing” is one way in which such weaknesses can be spotted. This includes having a fake intruder attempt to make his way into the building. If the intruder is successful, the weaknesses will be recognized and corrections can be made. Special Response Corporation will make recommendations accordingly depending on the state of the location’s present security procedures. Contact Special Response Corporation today and find out more how we can help you with facility security threats and any other needs you may have.